About PLP Advisory Services

About Us:-

PLP Advisory Services has herald a new chapter in property management services in Gurgaon that is based on sound leadership and expertise in Real Estate. PLP Professionals help identify and align strategic business, financial, and operational objectives with real estate requirements.

Prime Land Property Advisory services is founded on 1st June 2015 by Three partners who are having more than 15 years of cumulative experience of working with Developers and Underwriters in Gurgaon. PLP Advisory services have established itself as a brand in Pre-leased Investment and have helped large numbers of investors making the pre-leased investment.

We at PLP believes nurturing our relations with our Investors by providing them better after sales services and pre-sales services by helping them to negotiate the best option in pre-leased at their price. That’s why our maximum clients have chosen us for their another investment which shows their confidence in us and our services.


Pre-leased Investment

Our professionals are committed to providing best Pre-leased Commercial Investment to our clients whether it is in the form of commercial office spaces, retail spaces, Banks, ATMs or Independent Buildings.

Commercial Leasing

Our retail and leisure specialists leverage their vast industry knowledge and global perspective to meet help retailers grow their business; from new market entry to location strategy. Our Corporate Leasing teams help provide greater control over your real estate decisions and greater efficiency at each stage of the real estate life cycle.

Commercial Projects Sale


We are into original bookings of Commercial Projects in Gurgaon our vast expertise in commercial has helped lots of investors to make their right choice while choosing out best commercial projects among many.